Monday, September 15, 2014

10 Things to do in September

1. Develop a fall uniform
2. Clean out my closet (in progress)
3. Read Tamara Mellon's biography
4. Get a facial
5. Take a day trip
6. One last beach day, maybe (not gonna happen)
7. Visit a museum (went to Moma PS1 for the Art Book Fair, need to take pics next time)
8. Buy a coffee table
9. Buy something Ace & Jig
10. No sugar

Here's the last time I tried this: 15 Things in 30 Days, Vol. 1 (trying to make it easier on myself, I can work up from 10 to 15)

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

14. Have a Beach Day

This was from very early summer when I spent a fantastic weekend on Fire Island for a bachelorette party. I'd never been to Fire Island before and would go back in a second.

15 Things in 30 Days Vol. 1

8. See Costume Exhibit at Met

I absolutely loved the Charles James exhibit at the Met. His craftsmanship was just so fantastic, it reminded me why I started to love fashion when I was younger.

15 Things in 30 Days Vol. 1

10. Go for a Hike

We went here several times this summer. It's a short hike to an amazing swimming hole. And it's a secret.

15 Things in 30 Days Vol. 1

5. Plant Spring/Summer Veggies on the Deck

We had a ton going on on the deck this summer, but our mint bush really went wild. On this night, I came home to help Mark pluck off the leaves to make mint syrup for Mint Juleps.

Also, if you aren't already you must follow @yeswayrose for the best take on the summer water phenomenon.

15 Things in 30 Days Vol. 1