Friday, July 30, 2010

Frankies Sputino, Yum

Nowness has been really impressing me with their photo content and these pictures from Frankies Sputino are no exception. It helps that Frankies is one of my favorite restaurants in the city. Drooling just thinking about dinner and it's 8am.

Side note, if anyone wants to buy me the Frankies Sputino Kitchen Companion & Cooking Manual I wouldn't complain.

Via Nowness

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Rag & Bone Fall 2010

Posting has gotten very slow lately mostly because of the (still new) job and because my personal photographer started to charge too much. That said, there are tons of things I'm wanting to share and write about including this Rag & Bone Fall 2010 collection. Now that 2/3 of summer has passed, I officially feel that I suck at summer dressing. My exceptionally fair skin mandates that I cover up a bit and my temperature control issues beg for me to keep it cool, resulting in a confusing mess of dresses, bagginess, and cutoffs. I cannot wait until I get to attempt to layer this expertly with new colors, textures, and patterns. Sadly we always want what we can't have including, but not limited to: perfect weather and this entire collection.

Via Fashionista

Friday, July 2, 2010

Malibu Beach, Long Island

Because I will not be going on a beach vacation this 4th of July Weekend, here are a few pics from when we went to Malibu. This Malibu may be in Long Island, but it is just as pretty.

Happy birthday, America!

All pics by Mark