Monday, September 15, 2014

10 Things to do in September

1. Develop a fall uniform
2. Clean out my closet (in progress)
3. Read Tamara Mellon's biography
4. Get a facial
5. Take a day trip
6. One last beach day, maybe (not gonna happen)
7. Visit a museum (went to Moma PS1 for the Art Book Fair, need to take pics next time)
8. Buy a coffee table
9. Buy something Ace & Jig
10. No sugar

Here's the last time I tried this: 15 Things in 30 Days, Vol. 1 (trying to make it easier on myself, I can work up from 10 to 15)

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

14. Have a Beach Day

This was from very early summer when I spent a fantastic weekend on Fire Island for a bachelorette party. I'd never been to Fire Island before and would go back in a second.

15 Things in 30 Days Vol. 1

8. See Costume Exhibit at Met

I absolutely loved the Charles James exhibit at the Met. His craftsmanship was just so fantastic, it reminded me why I started to love fashion when I was younger.

15 Things in 30 Days Vol. 1

10. Go for a Hike

We went here several times this summer. It's a short hike to an amazing swimming hole. And it's a secret.

15 Things in 30 Days Vol. 1

5. Plant Spring/Summer Veggies on the Deck

We had a ton going on on the deck this summer, but our mint bush really went wild. On this night, I came home to help Mark pluck off the leaves to make mint syrup for Mint Juleps.

Also, if you aren't already you must follow @yeswayrose for the best take on the summer water phenomenon.

15 Things in 30 Days Vol. 1

Monday, September 1, 2014

7. Get Nails Done at Paintbox

I'd been meaning to try Paintbox in Soho all summer and inspiration finally hit after seeing this set by Christina Rinaldi. I was really impressed by the whole experience at Paintbox. They have perfected every aspect of the manicure event from their fabulous seasonal "menu" of designs to their space in Soho to the endless prosecco they'll bring to your station. I went alone, but I highly recommend going with friends, their space is actually huge and is meant to accommodate groups.

Christina is so talented and truly one of my favorite nail artists, for more inspiration check out her Instagram.

15 Things in 30 Days Vol. 1

13. Complete a Craft Project

So my 15 Things in 30 Days challenge was a total failure. I did manage to complete a few of my goals over the course of the entire summer.

This finished wall hanging is the product of taking Maryanne Moodie's Beginner Weaving Loom Class, purchased here off Etsy. I highly recommend it for anyone who is interested in learning how to weave. Maryanne is a fantastic teacher and hosts a fantastic workshop complete with mimosas and local sweet treats.

15 Things in 30 Days Vol. 1