Monday, September 15, 2014

10 Things to do in September

1. Develop a fall uniform
2. Clean out my closet (in progress)
3. Read Tamara Mellon's biography
4. Get a facial
5. Take a day trip
6. One last beach day, maybe (not gonna happen)
7. Visit a museum (went to Moma PS1 for the Art Book Fair, need to take pics next time)
8. Buy a coffee table
9. Buy something Ace & Jig
10. No sugar

Here's the last time I tried this: 15 Things in 30 Days, Vol. 1 (trying to make it easier on myself, I can work up from 10 to 15)


Jenna said...

Can we do all of this together (except the quitting sugar part)? PS: We are making Tamara Mellon's book our next book after the next book. It's decided.

Elizabeth Monson said...

You're totally welcome to join!