Saturday, May 24, 2014

15 Things to do in 30 Days

1. Read One More Thing: Stories and Other Stories for book club
2. Buy a piece of Caron Callahan
3. Hang art that is framed, but sitting on the floor
4. Redecorate living room/buy coffee table
5. Plant spring/summer veggies on the deck
6. Update deck furniture
7. Get nails done at Paintbox
8. See Costume Exhibit at the Met
9. Try City Row
10. Go for a hike
11. Buy a piece of Ace & Jig
12. Read Girlboss
13. Complete a craft project
14. Have a beach day
15. Try a new recipe

Starting today, trying to try new things in the next 30 days. From May 24-June 24, let's see what I can accomplish.

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Debbie Theodosiou said...

So fun!