Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Erdem Nails: April Showers Bring Nail Flowers

After doing a couple of rounds of nails inspired buy Miu Miu collections, I got started thinking about which other collections I loved and which ones had clear themes that could be translated more abstractly. Erdem's Spring 2010 collection immediately popped into my head. How awesome would it be to take the springy painterly florals and try to do that on nails? That's why I was so excited when I found myself at a Claire's in an outlet mall in Virginia. Hello flower nail stickers. I bet you didn't imagine you'd be used by a 24-year old going for the Erdem S/S 2010 look, did you?

Via Mark Iantosca and Style.com


Elizabeth Sanchez said...

It is plastic or polish.
Waiting for your reply.

nail flowers

Unknown said...

Hi Elizabeth, they are actually nail stickers like the kind you would find at a drugstore. I didn't paint the flowers myself.