Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Newtown Creek Nature Walk

My Aunty Niff always gives the best advice on the coolest most interesting places to visit in New York. Twenty-plus years of living here has given her an edge up on the competition. Now that she lives in Urbana-Champaign I don't get to visit them with her as frequently, but enjoying and sharing her favorite places in the city still feels very special to me.

It was in that spirit that I took Mark to find the Newtown Creek Nature Walk. The path is sandwiched between Newtown Creek, perhaps the most polluted waterway in all of the US, and a treatment plant. It wraps around a section of the creek, with planted native plants and plaques explaining the history of the land from Indian origins. Late fall probably wasn't the best time to visit as the greenery wasn't exactly green, but it was completely serene, leading me to believe we had found our very own secret garden (with city views). I'll definitely be back with a picnic in spring.

If you're interested, the entrance is at the far eastern end of Paidge Avenue in Greenpoint. Look for the giant cement fence.

Pics by Mark Iantosca!


Amber said...

I hope you don't mind me asking, but, where did you get you anorak? It's beautiful.

Unknown said...

Thank you!

It's a vintage LL Bean anorak from the '70s--stolen from my mom's closet.