Thursday, September 15, 2011

Pamela Love Spring 2012 Nails

It isn't all that often that I am inspired by the nail art of fashion shows. I prefer to take my own inspiration from what walks down the runway. I expect this season will be a bit different since nail art has hit the mainstream. The first example of backstage beauty done right is from Pamela Love's jewelry presentation. I like how she and Essie's stylists translated her signature pretty toughness onto the nails. The black diamond moon manicure is the first square nail I've seen in a long time that doesn't make me cringe. It also takes some of the more geometric elements of the Moroccan influence and makes them thoroughly modern. The gold nail captures more of the thrill of the wilderness, like the glint of the setting sun. A solid gold nail is a favorite of mine for this fall as well, so expect to see more of that to come.

Photos via Refinery29


Unknown said...

love it! the gold looks amazing.



Natalie (NJ in L.A.) said...

I digging those nails too and your new header!!!

Nomadic D. said...

Love them! Found you via the lucky nominees and am loving your blog. The squared off diamond mani is mesmerizing. So weird. In such a good way.

Unknown said...

Thanks Nomadic D! I'm glad you're liking the blog. I also couldn't really believe squared nails could look new.

helena said...

i am in love with your blog!! i've gone this far back because im in LOVEEE with your nail art. Im very very very clumsy, and barely manage to paint them one single colour!
i think you would love my blog, its very clean cut, maybe give it a chance?