Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Givenchy Resort 2012-Inspired Nails

When I heard that Sophie from The Illustrated Nail was in town, I knew I had to get an appointment. My nail doodles don't even compare to the nail art that she creates. For the special occasion I chose a collection that I've been coveting for a while, but didn't think I could due justice on my own: Givenchy Resort 2012. Riccardo Tisci knows his way around a print and for resort he created surprisingly sophisticated optical tropical prints and one floral camo. Sophie recreated the orchids, birds of paradise, and camo to a T. It was super fun to get my nails done by someone else and I couldn't have been happier with the results.

Bonus: I ran into Matt from Style.com while I was getting them done at Seagull Salon in the West Village and my nail project got a mention on their Beauty Counter blog.

Photos by Mark Iantosca and Vogue.com


hannah-rose said...

ARHGHH amazing! I love sophie harris' work and have loved it ever since I started seeing her fashion-forward creations in Vogue UK and the like... There's nothing even a little bit like this or to this calibre in Sydney. I'd love to have a fashion manicure - and my hands aren't steady enough to DIY like you can!!


Chuck said...

Ok, phew. I thought you had done these yourself and I felt thoroughly overwhelmed. x

Grace (The Stripe) said...

good lord - these are amazing!!! I'd be afraid to use my hands - it's a mini-masterpiece!