Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Nails Inc. Magnetic Nail Polish

I can't resist new nail polish treatments. First came matte shades, then crackle finishes, now magnetic polishes are ready to make a splash. This Nails Inc. Magnetic Polish is sold exclusively at Sephora and is a great way to experiment with nail art. The actual application is super simple. I did two coats of the polish and held the magnet end of the bottle cap over the second coat for a few seconds while still wet. The results were surprisingly awesome.

I actually bought an Estee Lauder magnetic polish when I was in college, but they seem to have avoided the mainstream for several years. The psychic in me would like to say that textured polishes will be next, but Jason Wu actually designed a Tweed-effect polish for CND last year that went largely unnoticed.

In the bottom photo I am wearing my new favorite Zara sweater. Photos by Mark Iantosca


adireg said...

it cool i love it


wow this is amazing! I love your blog :)