Monday, April 2, 2012

Giveaway: Miu Miu Noir Catwalk Sunglasses

I'm on vacation in California for the next week, but I'm super excited to announce that while I'm gone, I am doing a giveaway of Miu Miu's Noir Catwalk sunglasses! These glittery shades have been on the catwalk, all over editors, on your favorite bloggers and now on you. I've picked out my favorite color, grey glitter (!), to give away to one lucky reader with Smart Buy Glasses, who have a ton of great designer frames on discount.

To enter you need to do the following:
1. Follow @SmartBuyGlasses on Twitter
2. Like Smart Buy Glasses on Facebook
3. Sign up for their newsletter
4. Let me know how you'll wear the shades in a comment below (please make sure to leave a way for me to contact you--email, Twitter or blog link)
5. Tweet @ebmonson and @SmartBuyGlasses how you'll wear your shades!

I will pick one winner one week from today (on Monday, April 9) via random number generator. Best of luck!

**UPDATE: I am extending the contest one additional week. Winners will be drawn on Monday, April 16
**UPDATE: Shahneela is the winner! I will be contacting her shortly. Thanks to everyone for entering!


Al said...

I'd wear them with... Everything! I truly love them and in summer I'm sunglasses-dependent...
But probably I wouldn't wear them on the beach, because I'd fear to ruin them eheh

I sooo hope to win this, especially now that the lens of my Ray-ban sunglasses just broke(NOOOOO!!! :-(( )



(Liked the page on facebook as "Alessia Landi", twitter with my blog name _TheRedDot_ and also subscribed to their newsletter with my mail alessia.landi_at_gmail)

Emily Kropp said...

What an awesome giveaway! I love these – I would wear them with an oversized white dress shirt and cutoff shorts this summer, or with my varsity jacket and black denim while it's still chilly out. :)


sara said...

how would i wear those miu miu "noir catwalk" glasses? how would i NOT wear them is the better question. with jeans and dresses and skirts and blouses and naked. yes, even naked. they make naked look so good. (has this comment gone nsfw?)


hannah said...

I will duct-tape these dream sunglasses to my skull so removing/losing them is never an option!!

Emma G said...

I would wear with my fave pastel shades for Spring/Summer. I may not be able to eat ice-cream, but I'll certainly be wearing ice-cream shades

Emma G said...

I would wear with my fave pastel shades for Spring/Summer. I may not be able to eat ice-cream, but I'll certainly be wearing ice-cream shades

Hannah said...

AHHH amazing giveaway! I would love love love to wear this with an all black outfit to make sure that these glasses are the center of attention!!

Melissa Hope said...

I'm OBSESSED with these glasses!!! I will wear them every day, rain or shine, day or night. They will look so purty with my golden locks! It's always cool in the shade :)

Melissa Hope said...

email me at :)

Collections said...

I would wear my shades with a vintage blue short sleeve polka dot shirt and my current/elliott icon jeans for a flashback to the 60s/70s. I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE these sunglasses thank you for the giveaway! I've done everything above as well. :)

swong said...

These are absolutely gorgeous and would compliment any cute outfit! Feminine and ethereal.

gustosa giveaways said...

i will wear it with worn out denim short and with oversize shirt

gustosa giveeaways -fb
newsletter subscriber

gustosagiveaways atymaildotcom

Natasha N said...

I tweeted you prior to you mentioning the giveaway would be Miu Miu- guessed right. Does that count for anything?

I would wear them with whateve outfit floats my boat that day. They're disco balls for the eyes. A walking party, basically.

Contact: @nnatashaneris

Thanks! X

Stella said...

This is a really amazing giveaway! LOVE this sunglasses so much!! I would wear it with a black dress(with sleeves), pair of ballerina flat and my MIUMIU handbag! Hope that i can win this <3 *fingers crossed* Please be meeee lol
my email:

Kelly D. said...

These are lovely! What wouldn't I wear these with? All I know is that they would be a great addition to SPF while I study abroad in EspaƱa!

Kelly Dao!/keldao

jaclyn morga said...

Gorgeous glasses! They'd be the perfect accessory for me to wear on my vacation to Paris this spring! What better way for me to fit right in?

twitter jaclynmorga


sara jean. said...

These Miu Mius would be the focal point of any outfit. The way I would wear them would be with a simple, structural white sheath dress with killer sandals & accessories that would complement but not take away from the gorgeous shades! I'd also wear my hair down. Classic, minimalistic but at the same time punchy with the glasses.

Sara Martinez

Erin said...

Planning to look fly in my Noir Catwalk Miu Miu shades driving through the desert on my way to Coachella!!

Julia said...

Elizabeth, I have to tell you...I have been wanting these sunglasses before they were even available!!!!!!! I would wear them with everything. Especially since I like to describe my style as feminine and chic, I think they add a touch of retro glam that would make every outfit. I "liked" them on FB, following on Twitter, signed up for their newsletter. I'm about to go tweet them right now. I would die and go to Miu Miu heaven if I won these! :)



Big Girl said...

I would wear them with a button shirt tucked in high waisted shorts, I would wear them with a maxi skirt, I would wear them with my black and white swimsuit... but most importantly, I will wear them with love


mg said...

Oh wow, this is an amazing giveaway!! I would wear the sunnies with my mint green skinnies and my favorite top that matches my bright royal blue heels!
I completed all of the above!! Thanks for the giveaway :)

BelleBelle said...

FABulous giveaway! I hope to wear them as an unexpected accessory with casual basics, like jeans and a striped t-shirt. You can reach me on twitter @bellebellebeau

AJ Campbell said...

I live near the beach and love rocking the coolest fashions.. these glasses will go with everything i have. i would be the coolest person on the sunny shores!!

Victoria said...

I'll rock those bad boys constantly. In meetings? On the treadmill? Done. Grey glitter complements everything.


Lindsay said...

I would wear them with red lips, a smile, and confidence. After that, it doesn't matter what you're wearing! You can reach me at @blackblondeone on twitter or email Thanks!

Peacockhead said...

Given that I live in sunny LA I'll be wearing them every day with everything! Lots of pink and red.

SAUCY | f. | BABY said...


----------------- Now following SmartBuyGlasses on Twitter under: saucyfbaby

----------------- Just liked Smart Buy Glasses on FB under: Nicole Ordonez

----------------- Just signed up for their newsletter under: saucy.baby21 [at] gmail [dot] [com]

----------------- I'd honestly rock these sunnies with everything! I'd especially rock them with my hair up in a bun, a snakeskin hair bow scarf & a bright lip. As far as the outfit, I'd rock it with a sheer flowy blouse, black leggings, nude strappy wedges, a gold watch & some stacked bangles.

Thank you so much for the chance!!

--- Nicole

Dana said...

I will wear them with my ikat printed press, my hair in a braid and cute sandals on my feet. The only thing I want people to be really focused on are my fabulous sunglasses!

Twitter: @danaparker

elena said...

thank you for hosting this giveaway!!
i tweeted @lena_esq :I would wear the Miu Miu Catwalk Noir sunglasses with a floral boho dress @ebmonson @SmartBuyGlasses

jo said...

Thank you so much for this giveaway! I'm planning to wear it with my cute dresses and shorts.

xo Jo

Stephanie said...

Great giveaway! I'd wear these glasses with my daily uniform: balenciaga moto jacket, plain white tee and black skinny jeans.

tweeted at @greytheblog

greytheblog at gmail dot com

WildBerrieBunch said...

I will wear them with everything I own. I will never take them off. lol

Jenna said...

I've obviously done all these things. THESE GLASSES MUST BE MINE!

I would wear these to work, to play, the farmer's market, the bookstore, the move theater, shopping, breakfast, lunch, dinner, coffee, drinks, walking, strolling, traveling—everywhere!


The Victory Gardens said...

Definitely to the beach. - @eclaireburke :)

Reina said...

I think the sunglasses would look great when paired with an equally unique and trendy outfit, such as animal prints. <3


Moxie said...

I'll wear them on my motorcycle! I have to be safe, but I can still look chic! for the newsletter
Allison Reilly on Facebook
AllieMcGale on twitter


Natalie said...

I would wear these shades with everything and everywhere - they are gorgeous!! (P.S.- I followed all the steps to enter! :))

@goodtimenatalie on Twitter

Anonymous said...

I will wear them to white sox games!


Jess said...

with any of the looks from this story
a girl can dream right?
from @jesszt

shahneela said...

i 'd wear it everyday.. em obsessed with sunglasses :)
ma email:

Unknown said...

WOW these are amazing!! Awesome giveaway. I would wear these all summer with my t's and cutoffs!

Sondra said...

Wearing Miu Miu's Noir Catwalk sunglasses, I would evoke the glamorous era of old Hollywood... with the elegant style of Grace Kelly and the panache of Marilyn Monroe.

Elana said...


Well I said I would wear those gorgeous glitter Miu Miu shades on a clean face with hair casually pulled back and classic red lipstick.

@jdb_jdb_ said...

I would wear these when I'm biking around Venice in a cute sundress with a puppy in my bike basket!

I'm A Love Addict said...

I'll wear the shades with EVERYTHING they are so chick! I simply love them.

Tiffany* said...

Awesome giveaway! I would die to win. Did all the requirements- Facebook like, Twitter follow, Newsletter subscribe, tweeted about the giveaway.

I would literally wear these glasses with everything and anything. You can never go wrong with glitter and every outfit always looks better with a little glitter!

Katharine Longo said...

I have the perfect pair of floral trousers I would pair these with. I love the pairing of the glitter with the femininity of the floral print. However these glasses would be worn all year round considering I live in Arizona! Love love love them

Ramblings with Rin

emmybear411 said...

1. I Follow @SmartBuyGlasses on Twitter @emmybear411

2.I Like Smart Buy Glasses on Facebook Emmy Sla

3. I Signed up for their newsletter

4. I will wear the shades with anything and everything whether jeans and a t shirt or a lbd or slacks and a blaser and heels<3!!!

5. I Tweeted @ebmonson and @SmartBuyGlasses how I'll wear your shades @emmybear411

Dallas Shaw said...

Count me in! Follow on twitter and will like on fb now. Love a unique pair of sunnies. Wish I had them for this weeks vacation!


Nina said...

I would wear these poolside with a brand new red floral caftan and flat sandals.

Nina / @ninarand

veronicaraye said...

These lovely shades are so versatile. I would wear these confidently in any season, the glitter & cat shape makes them feel so retro (which is totally in!) & they have such class & femininity Already envisioning the beach, pool parties, umbrella drinks, and bright bikinis to show these babies off! ♥ @VeronicaRaye

Aly said...

Working in fashion I would wear these everyday this summer and tell everyone how I won them! To work I would pair with a black jumpsuit, and at night I would wear with a patterned maxi dress!

xoxo @AlyCasillas

Szappanbubi said...

That would be an experiment to to wearthem?!...maybe they'll cheer&color up every casual or boring-like outfits...
best matches could be sheer tops/blouses and jeans with pretty ballet flats or sandals and even for a formal occasion with stilettos!*

Following @SmartBuyGlasses on Twitter @szappanbubbi

Like Smart Buy Glasses on Facebook as Szabina Luzics

Sign up for their newsletter via my email
porcukorborso at gmail dot com

Melanie said...

Amazing! I'm headed on a beach vacation soon and would wear these sunnies with a retro bikini in poppy red.


Anonymous said...

these sunglasses would sit beautifully in between my blunt bob hair cut, the perfect white tee tucked into my metallic trousers!

jessica january said...

oooh i love them!
i would wear them with dvf georgia silk printed trousers, chloe macrame sandals, a plain oversized white v neck t and the victoria beckham tri tone shoulder bag. beeeeeeautiful.
january, x

balkis said...

Oh and hey, my contact info is:

sunglasses said...

i wanna wear these sunglasses with white loosy trouser and printed shirt

Captain F. said...

I want to wear these sunglasses dancing in a club in London this Summer. I die!


Anonymous said...

fantastic your blog and this giveaway. my name is Lara and i come from italy!!

thank you for this opportunity:)

Jessica said...

I would wear them every single day. Maxi dresses, mini dresses, everrrything. My go-to look while I'm still working on schoolwork is cute cigarette leg pants, loafers, and a blouse. So for now, that's how I'd wear them.

I think we all need to have fun with fashion , and this is an awesome way to do so.


shahneela said...

aww.. thank you.. :)

Anonymous said...

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