Friday, June 1, 2012

Into Now: 6.1.12

For the past 25 years I have hated paisley, but suddenly with Memorial Day behind us it feels fresh and fun for summer. These Citizens of Humanity jeans are a subdued take on the omnipresent printed jeans trend and J.Crew's version looks almost like a bandana print--perfect for backyard BBQs or chic gardening (my next plant will be a split-leaf philodendron). It is important to pair this print with bright colors like these leather espadrilles to avoid looking frumpy.

Citizens of Humanity Avedon Paisley-print Jeans, J.Crew Antique Paisley triangle top, Crate & Barrel To Go Containers, Zespa Leather Flat Espadrilles

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Collections said...

Those jeans are great as are those to go containers.

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Carmen said...

I love those shoes! The container's a must. Super cute!

Rach said...

im actually not a big fan of paisley either but I do love these pants

Anonymous said...

A loyal fan is born. well that's what i really feel after reading your post.

nail art said...

just what i love