Monday, August 6, 2012

Trend: Fancy Back Earrings

I think the rule of three can be thrown out here and detailed earring backs can be fully considered a trend. The first piece in this category that I was really drawn to was Pamela Love's Lapis Spike Earring that I wrote about in May. Since then I placed my order for a pair on Moda Operandi and have watched the trend grow. The styles of these earrings run the gamut from understated to over the top, but one thing's for sure; the arm party has moved North.

Delfina Deltetrez Red Mouth and Pearl Earring, Wendy Nichol Black Diamond Pyramid Back Stud, Pristine Earring, Givenchy Pearl and Jet Strass Magnetic Tusk Earring, Gylda Chainsaw Earring, A.L.C. Brass and Screw Stud, Pamela Love Spike Earring

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Nomadic D. said...

LOVE this idea!