Monday, December 3, 2012

Weekend 12.3.12

I've been lucky to be out of town for the past few weekends while on vacation in California, but I'm happy to be back in NYC especially with the holidays in full force. I took my new Pamela Love earrings from Moda Operandi out for a swing and finally got the Anastasia Brow Serum that I've been dying to try. One of the best parts about the city during the holidays are all of the amazing shopping opportunities. This weekend we stopped by The Pop Up Flea to see our Moveslightly Bracelets at Wittmore's station and later the Brooklyn Night Bazaar. Sunday was left for cooking up a delicious family recipe and trimming a very cute, but very small tree.

For more photos, head to Instagram's new(ish) web destination.

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Nomadic D. said...

Those earrings are so cool! I have a tiny (fairly elegant, I think) pair of spike studs I like to wear, but they are constantly poking Husband in the face when he hugs me so I had to take them off, these seem (oddly enough) like a less dangerous (and definitely cooler) alternative.