Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Vogue's Fashion Resolutions Condensed

Ever mindful of incentives towards sartorial self-improvement, here are just some of the things we promise to do in 2010. For the full story, see Vogue’s 20 New Year Shopping Resolutions in the January issue.

1. Hang up the Breton (just the T-shirts, that is). Now, it’s all about the striped jacket.

2. Learn to don leather with the nonchalance of a CĂ©line girl.

3. Differentiate right from wrong. Eg: Gainsbourg is right; Gaga is wrong.

4. From now on, our white tees will be ultra-cheap and frequently replaced.

5. Lower the tone – this year we’re going to be working flat or mid-rise heels.

I say: pick up a pair of rectangular frames like the ones above and you're all set for 2010.

Via The Vogue Blog

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