Thursday, July 28, 2011

Fashionista Fall Shopping

While I absolutely love seasonal shopping features, I don't often find full looks that fit my style. A great bag here, a cute dress there is fine, but strong full looks are more rare than you would think. This is why I am obsessed with Fashionista's fall shopping feature. Especially the picks by Lauren and Dhani. Lauren gets the fun side of fashion (major fashion like Proenza and Givenchy) that is chic and never stuffy. Dhani's look is more ladylike, but still young. I could see wearing these pieces from the weekend into the office for years. And that coat is just perfection. Props to J.Crew for the (not so) subtle product placement as well.

Via Fashionista

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Collections said...

These outfits are great. Particularly like the dog sweater in the first outfit.

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