Thursday, July 14, 2011

First Thoughts on Fall

As each new season nears I've started having impending dread over what I will wear come fall, winter, spring, summer. Part of it is that my style has necessarily grown up a bit and become more professional. It also doesn't help that Fall 2011 is hitting stores now while it remains 90 degrees in New York, but I will let others complain about that particular problem. Browsing my Pinterest account I found a few of the things that I am contemplating for this quickly upcoming fall. They include innovative adaptations of traditional jewelry, serious heels, big rolled-up sleeves, a defined waist and a small nod to McQueen with a modern tartan. None of this takes into account, of course, the huge '70s influence that I will no doubt be partaking in.

What do you have in mind for fall?

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