Thursday, December 15, 2011

Chanel Spring 2012-Inspired Nails

I simply could not resist these Kiss Nail Dress stickers when I saw them at the drugstore. The little raised pearlescent bubbles reminded me of the actual pearls applied to the models' skin at Chanel 2012. Can you imagine if Peter Philips tried his hand at nail art? That would be amazing.

Photos by Mark Iantosca and Chanel News


Nomadic D. said...

That's so beautiful! I actually saw some of those droplet-looking stick-ons at sephora recently, maybe I'll pick some up. Usually I think there's no way I could replicate what you do, but this seems more plausible.

Megan J. Cuadrado said...

How elegant!
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Rachel said...

These nails are amazing - I really want to try them!