Monday, May 10, 2010

Rachel Comey Hiking-Inspired Bags

Rachel Comey Barbells Backpack, Rachel Comey Puddle Drop Backpack, Rachel Comey Tarpalin Weave Utility Clutch, Rachel Comey Barbells Utility Clutch

I am 100% smitten over these Rachel Comey bags. The hiking-inspired shapes designs gained a lot of attention when she showed them in her Spring/Summer 2010 show and they've finally hit stores. I have a major soft spot for anything that involves hiking shapes, fabrics, or styling because I grew up going on hikes nearly every weekend and spending vacations camping. When I was little I sort of hated it, but now I appreciate how awesome it was and really miss it being in New York. A lot of the gear we used were things either passed down from my grandparents or that my parents had used when they were young, meaning everything was perfectly '70s and retro. I made them keep as much of it as possible, but it isn't really wearable in the every day. These bags make it possible, which is why they are top of the list for my summer must-haves.

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