Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Mayle Billie Bag

I've waited forever to get my hands on the coveted Mayle Billie Bag. Thanks to a little eBay traction on an old computer, it finally happened. It was a huge purchase for me, so I'm still a little careful when I wear it, but soon it will become my trusty everyday, every night, and every weekend bag. I'm also obsessed with the perfect oxblood color of the leather.

Pics by Mark Iantosca


TradeMag Frontin' said...

Yeah, that color is pretty incredible. And the depth of field in shot 3 is captivating.

corrie said...

Such pretty photos. Bag twins! Really the first time I've ever felt like yeah, I don't really need another bag now. I hope they last forever.

Emily said...

This. is a great bag. Congrats on your score!