Monday, May 7, 2012

Bracelet Mystery Solved.

Since high school I have worn the same delicate gold bracelet on my right wrist (you can see it here, here and here) and as such I have long since forgotten who designed the thing. It wouldn't much matter except that at least once a week I get asked where I bought it. A few weeks ago a woman literally stopped me mid-yoga class to inquire about it as a gift for her sister. Well, thanks to an anonymous commenter on my Refinery29 Wrist Wear post, I now know that it is by jewelry designer Jane Hollinger. Isn't that one of the beautiful things about blogs? Now I can share something that I've enjoyed so much with others.

Jane Hollinger Coco bracelet,


Anonymous said...

It's beautiful!

Collections said...

Love the things you can discover through blogging!


Nomadic D. said...

I love it! So delicate and minimalist, so sweet!

Carmen said...

Love it. This is like the perfect bracelet, the one I'd never take off!