Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Need: Sam Edelman Trina Sandals

Last summer I bought a similar pair of Chloe/Celine "influenced" sandals and proceeded to wear them literally to non-stop. The gold heel ads a little excitement to the classic shape and takes them from retro to minimalist. I will definitely be replenishing my collection this summer.

Sam Edelman Trina Sandals


Hannah said...

OMG. these. are. perfect. I really want these shoes, they're perfect for the summer

Collections said...

I just got these beauties and they're amazing. Definitely worth the buy.


Lindsey said...

What a great find! Definitely the perfect sandal for summer!

Buttons and Bobbins said...

oh my gosh. i just posted about these sandals too! great minds think alike and we have great taste!! :)


fshnonmymind said...

I recently bought these sandals and they are great. Comfy and cute. I definitely think you buy them!