Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Trend: Every Ring

I am 100% on board with the recent trend I've been seeing of women wearing identical rings across all four or five of their fingers. It is a big challenge to wear a lot of jewelry and still look sleek, but this style manages to do that. There's also just something badass about it that reminds you of brass knuckles.

Images via Caroline's Mode, Stop Stealing My Look, and Caroline's Mode


hannah-rose said...

I love the very delicate, thin version in the first and last picture.. it's like being badass with the prettiest, daintiest thing ever!


Unknown said...

just stumbled upon your blog... and i absolutely love it! this is a great look... think i'm going to try it as well, thanks for sharing!

take care, aimee

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Kaisensei said...

Just saw your blog! I love this trend! And yeah, it takes some guts to pull this off but I like the badass effect. Must get identical rings then!