Thursday, October 6, 2011

Versus Versace Fall 2011-Inspired Nails

On an impulse the other day, I ran over to Bloomingdale's after work and picked up a few new bottles of polish including Chanel's Graphite. When it comes to metallic polishes, you cannot do better than Chanel. Their colors are so multifaceted it blows my mind every time. In my excitement, I had to find a collection to suit my new glittery, slightly edgy goodness and Versus Versace's Fall 2011 show hit all the right marks. I mixed up the base layer of Graphite with a couple of Nubar's polishes for variety and used painter tape as a guide to get extra-clean lines.

In the photos I am wearing my collection of rings, a Gorjana necklace, H&M sweater and have my favorite Power Support Tibi iPhone case.

Photos by Mark Iantosca and


Anonymous said...

I love your nails!! fantastic idea for the fall and a perfect match to the Versus collection!

Nomadic D. said...

Gorgeous! I have graphite too and have yet to wear it, but of course I had to pick it up. It's one of the most complex and beautiful nail polish colors I've seen. Period. And I love what you did here! Painter's tape = genius!

Collections said...

So creative, your nails look awesome.

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Unknown said...

Your blog is such a fantastic idea. I'm really enjoying reading your posts and have passed it along to my fashion addict friends.

Bella Vida by Letty
Wishing you a great day.

The Neon Angels said...

Great idea with the use of tape, we have a hard time accepting that our free-hand painting skills just might not be good enough. LOL. Takes the pressure off and gives a great geometric result! We are ALL ABOUT some DIY nail art!

Nicole said...

Love it. These are so rockin'. I love checking out your blog. Endless possibilities to be creative right down to the little details :)


ClosetConfections said...

GAH! I love this. I'm having a Star Trek marathon right now, and for some reason this manicure reminds me of the uniforms. Trying this asap!

Closet Confections - A Sweet Little Style Blog

Unknown said...

what a great idea!

dash dot dotty